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What people say about the NY STEAM BUS

“This program was so amazing. I cannot wait to participate in it again!”

“The activity was great the way it is set up. The kids just wanted more time. They loved it!!!”

"Your program was motivating for the kids. The kids enjoyed all of the aspects of the lesson. They felt like scientists after the activity and can't wait to start our Electricity unit. Thank you for the forward thinking to come up with this resource. The activities will excite students who may not flourish in a regular classroom setting. The hands on experience was outstanding.”

“Student facilitators were great - noticed them working with several students who appeared to flourish with an older student's help!”

“The program was amazing! We are so fortunate to have this resource available to us to help enhance student learning and our curriculum!”

“This was a wonderful program for our students. They thoroughly enjoyed this activity. Thank you for taking the time to share it.

“The program was awesome! These activities helped kick off our new unit on electricity.”

“It worked really well the way it was structured. Thanks so much!”

“The whole group introduction was great, really got the kids excited! Then breaking into smaller groups worked very well to keep kids engaged and on task.”

“I think it was great! The program was engaging and my class learned about how circuits work. They were asking thoughtful questions and working collaboratively.”

“The kids were so engaged and really worked together as a team when it came to testing their ozobot.”

“While I was not on the bus with my students, they came back very excited to share their experience with me. They spoke in a very positive manner about what they did. They also expressed they wanted to participate again. We hope to have the bus visit our school in the spring.”

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