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Who is the NYSTEAMBUS?

Hi! Welcome to our Team Page. We're a collection of students interested in bringing STEAM technology to the forefront of education, providing kids with the opportunities to learn all what STEAM has to offer. Check out the members of our team below. 

Class of 2021

Emma Anderson

I've been a part of NYSTEAMBus for several years now, and since then have taught classes, presented and showcased our curriculum, helped build the bus, designed this website, and worked to expand opportunities for NYSTEAMBus by integrating our program into neighboring districts. After much success within our district, my personal goal is to provide equitable opportunitiues across the capital district, and allow all kids access to the most innovative STEAM curriculum we can provide.

Emma Anderson.jpg
Abe Ellenbogen

I joined NYSTEAMBus because I saw the opportunity to bring my passion of science to a new generation of students. However this project has allowed me to explore and experiment with all different aspects of STEAM education. Since the first day I joined I have been working to enhance the science education which NYSTEAMBus can bring to the community, and I hope to continue to bring more unique experiences onto the bus.

Abe Ellenbogen.jpg
Cyrus Irani

It always amazes me how math and science are part of every day life. The NYSTEAMBus gives me a chance to explore scientific and technological applications, while engaging with students in the process. I have assisted with teaching lessons to students, helping with hardware set up, and guiding experiments. My aim is to contribute towards enhancing technical literacy in the community.

Christine Lee

As one of the founding members, I took part in designing the bus and coming up with curriculum for the students. Art is important to me, so I try to incorporate creativity into as many of our activities as possible. Along with art, I love technology and computer programming, and my dream is to become a video game developer and utilize my own art and programming skills. The NY Steambus helps me learn to communicate with others and use my skills to help others.

Christine Lee.jpg
Rohan Menon

As one of the founding members of NYSTEAMBus, and with engineering and computer science being some of my biggest passions, and seeing young kids become excited about those things is the most rewarding part for me. I've helped this project go from idea to fully operational with my expertise in technology. I can't wait to see we go from here.

Rohan Menon.jpg
Haley Neufeld

As one of the founding members of the NYSTEAMBus, I love to see our work coming to life! I am head of student-lead education so I play a large role in writing lessons plans and making sure the execution goes smoothly. My favorite part about STEAMBus is getting to go into classrooms and having hands-on experiences with so many different types of students. This project has given me so many opportunities that I hope to share with so many other students!

Haley Neufeld.jpg
Jacob Yanoff

Over the years I have taken on the role of the CEO for this program. As one of the founders, I have had the pleasure to watch the NY STEAM Bus become a reality from our own hard work. I do many things outside of the NY STEAM Bus as well. I am a photographer and I take many of the pictures for this program. I am a member of Model UN and Robotics Club as well. I am also on the board of Skribblers Magazine. I play clarinet in the band and rock climb for fun.

Class of 2022

Jacob Yanoff.jpg
Laith Chowdrey

I was asked to assemble a group of kids in the class of 2022 during the fall of 2017. We became the second generation of students working on the Steambus project. I have talked to audiences about our project and I like to help out with everything. I enjoy being apart of Steambus since I enjoy technology and I feel like this project is a great way to give back to the community.

Laith Chowdrey.jpg
Lauren McCallig

I joined NY STEAM Bus in the Fall of 2017. I am incredibly interested in Art, so I try to incorporate creativity whenever I can into our curriculum. My favorite part of being a member is that I get to inspire kids to think outside of the box and dive deeper into the subjects that they are interested in. Though I am a long-distance for the majority of the school year, I still try to be an active member. It is such a pleasure to work with so many talented people, and I am grateful for this opportunity.

Marcus Paderon

As a kid I was fascinated by technology and how it works. So when my friend introduced me to this group called NYSTEAMBus, where you teach children about all aspects of STEAM, I was more than happy to join. Now, I am an engineering consultant for STEAM Bus and helped in the construction of the bus. What I love the most about STEAM Bus is when I see those children learn something new that interests them, and maybe even have started a path to their future dream job.

Emma Anderson.jpg
Amira Salem

I joined the NY STEAM Bus in the Fall of 2017. I mainly help with teaching and curriculum planning for the activities we lead. I love working with kids and getting to introduce them to all the technology we have. It’s so cool seeing their reactions and how this stuff can inspire them. It’s been such a rewarding experience and I’m glad to be a part of it.

Amira Salem.jpg
Patrick Yang

I was introduced to the NY STEAM bus project in fall 2017. I joined to be apart of something bigger than my self and to teach others in a way that I alone never could. I work with the engineering team, installing parts and tech on the bus as well as planning curriculum to teach to children. It is a pleasure to be working with others with similar interest to reach a common goal.

Class of 2023

Patrick Yang.jpg
Vera Amirbekian

I joined the NY Steam bus in the fall of 2018. I find a true passion in STEAM and I enjoy working with this talented group of people. More specifically, I come to many schools in our district (and beyond!) and help run programs that I help create outside of school. I also help out at the garage with maintaining the bus and upgrading the devices to help bring the best experience to the kids we visit. My favorite experience is bringing this opportunity to work with us and high-end technology to school districts where they aren’t so lucky to have it.

Vera Amirbekian.jpg
Hussain Ali

I like to work on teaching kids and giving them exposure to technology that is used today. I would have loved to have the opportunity to be taught as kid, so it's always fun to see how they react to what we do. The idea of having a portable classroom that teaches kids about STEAM topics is amazing, since not only is it educational but it's also fun for the kids.

Hussain Ali.jpg
Cooper Anderson

I joined NYSTEAMBus because I am interested in working with technology and integrating it into the bus. I also think the idea of exposing younger kids to new skills and technology is really important and can benefit them in the years to come. I hope to continue to be a part of the program!

Jackson Casey

I joined STEAMBus in 8th grade because I wanted to work with the technology that was being used to teach kids. I have mostly contributed to STEAMBus by attending events to help teach STEAM. I like showing the kids the different ways that technology can be used in their lives. It is rewarding to see kids figure out how to solve problems and create their own solutions.

Jackson Casey.jpg
Aleesha Choudry

I became part of the team in the fall of 2018 because the concept of a mobile learning environment intrigued me from the beginning and I wanted to contribute to it in any way possible. As a member of the NY STEAM Bus I aim to help educate young children about modern technology and spark their interests in STEAM fields. I enjoy working with kids and expanding my own knowledge while doing so.

Aleesha Choudry.jpg
Pallavi Datta

I joined the NY STEAM Bus in the fall of 2018. At a time when encouraging students to pursue STEAM fieldsis more necessary than ever, I can’t think of a better response than the incredible program that is the NY STEAM Bus. The ability to help instill a fascination for the sciences in kids, while giving back to our community, is truly rewarding and meaningful. Every part of this has taught me so much- from teaching kids, developing curriculum, meeting new people and getting a chance to experiment with the latest technology, I’m so excited to be a part of this project as it grows!

Pallavi Datta.jpg
Anina Ghosal

I became a member of the team in the beginning of 2020. I look forward to getting more involved with this program throughout the next few years, and teaching the younger generation about modern technology, and seeing how it will impact their future. I am excited to see what big things this program will do, and am happy to be apart of it.

Anina Ghosal.jpg
Rayan Halpota

I plan to pursue a future in  technology and electronics, so I want to empower local students to be able to access new innovative technology. I've been involved in researching VR capabilities, and I will be able to make a larger impact as the program develops.

IMG_4228 (1).jpg
Cristina Rojo

As a member of the class of 2023, I became a part of the team in the fall of 2019 . I was very interested in being a part of something that will have an impact on others. I look forward to getting more involved as opportunities arise and helping the next generation learn about things that will be useful to them in the future.

Cristina Rojo.jpg
Gian Stabler

I enjoy working as a part of NYSTEAMBus because I like the aspect of introducing new technology to young kids. I think that it is very important that we continue to pique the interest of young kids and open their eyes to the growing importance of technology in our lives.

Gian Stabler.jpg
Simon Stone

I am interested in exposing kids to new ideas and technology. I have been on the bus teaching many times, and had a great time at the Rochester Makers Fair. I love the idea that this program is run by students and for students, and I hope that I will continue to be a part of it as it grows.

Simon Stone.jpg
Henry Wang

I really enjoy working with technology, and think the idea of exposing kids to technology in an educational manner at such a young age is highly beneficial. Being a part in this allows me to communicate with people with similar interests to myself and to spread those interests to others.

Henry Wang.jpg
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